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The Chain Foundation runs several programs to enrich the community

The recently-opened Martin Nkoyoyo Inclusive School at the Chain Foundation is the first school of its kind in Uganda, integrating visually impaired and sighted children. The school serves the children from the orphanage as well as over 100 at-risk students from nearby communities.

In 2006, the Chain Foundation began a program to assist visually impaired children. Uganda has an estimated 400,000 children who are blind or have other vision problems, most of them due to preventable diseases. These children are often stigmatized, isolated, and seen as a curse on the family. Nearly 80% are denied education. The Chain Foundation’s specialized education program allows them to interact with sighted children. In addition to the usual subjects, the visually impaired students receive training in Braille, musical instruments, and job skills.

The foundation assists many local families with income-generating activities such as poultry raising, pig farming, fish farming, local herb propagation, and vegetable growing. The foundation carries out a community HIV/AIDS awareness campaign that includes education, a behavioral change program, and post-test support groups. Parents receive education on the importance of immunizing children to prevent diseases, and on other child development and healthcare issues.

The orphanage is home to more than 100 orphans and other at-risk children, providing a loving, Christian environment to meet their physical, educational, medical, and spiritual needs. There are currently over 40 blind residents at Chain.  Future expansion will create space for more than 100 blind or deaf children.

Chain Foundation has increased the volume of crops grown and harvested over the past several years.  Crops such as maize, sweet potatoes, varieties of peppers, and ground nuts are a few examples.    In addition to the crops,  farm animals and a poultry house are allowing them to become close to being self-sustaining.

Dreams of an onsite vocational school have been in the forefront of Chain Foundation’s vision from its inception.

Not only is the building now in completion,  but programs in hairdressing, tailoring, culinary, and shoe making have begun.

In a recent letter to the Sponsorship Coordinator, the Archbishop was quoted, “These skills are helping young people to be job creators, not job seekers, and we strongly believe this should be our educational philosophy.”